Solar Photovoltaic Power
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Solar Photovoltaic Power

Solar Photovoltaics (PV) is the process of converting sunlight directly into electricity using solar cells. Since 1994 NTRE as been committed to making solar power available in the North Texas, Dallas, and Fort Worth areas. Our solar professionals consistently deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction
in the solar industry.

How Much PV Do I Need?

Solar generated power is a commodity, just like utility generated power. Almost everyone is accustomed to having unlimited electricity whenever and wherever the demand exists. But rather than solar PV being a luxury like a swimming pool, PV is a hedge against long-term rising utility costs. This changes the focus of the system cost from the installed cost per DC Watt to the lifetime cost per generated kilowatt hour. And since the amount of solar PV to install is based on several significant issues, some are your decision and some may be beyond your control, the primary factor may well be the long-term cost.

How Much Does PV Cost?

Just as insurance or certain financial investments provide a “hedge” value against undesirable future conditions, PV provides a hedge against invariable coal, nuclear and natural gas price rises. The primary value of solar is created by eliminating fuel price uncertainty. If a PV installations cost can be amortized into a long-term financial note, say a mortgage, that cost will be far more affordable and predictable than paying the full cost at the time of installation, the typical method. Either way, the cost of a PV installation must be thought of as a long-term investment.
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